What is LOVE?

It’s been a while now since the legalization of SSM in the US happened. And truth is, I got affected.

I got worried and I couldn’t just take it if I’d be silent about what I believe and know is right. If you are a believer, a Christian or specially a Catholic and want to know my side, please read on. But if not, then it would be hard for you to understand where I am coming from. Remember that this is a faith-based blog, a Catholic one to be exact.

This is also something very personal for me because I have a handful of friends and family members who are homosexuals and I hope they know that I love and care about them very much. 

It may be a challenge for them to believe me, because they might think, or you might think that I am close-minded and that I’d be judging them.

But on the contrary, I know that I’m in no position to do so, I am also a sinner and I fail many times. But like I always say, I STRUGGLE. I struggle to live my faith and to sincerely show God that I love HIM. 

Which leads me to my first question.

What do you think is your purpose in life? And do you really believe in Heaven and eternal life?

It may sound so cliché but for the past couple of years, I’ve come to a conclusion that our ultimate purpose in life is…. to LOVE. 

Generally, we are all called to LOVE GOD and others. And that’s absolutely good enough purpose for me! I am here For LOVE and To LOVE. For that, I’m hoping to reach Heaven when my time is up.

To authentically love, we can go to Heaven after we pass in this earthly life. That’s how simple my principle in life is! Just look at the lives of the saints. But it’s not that easy as it may sound, because LOVE means:

1. To Sacrifice

To truly love, we ought to deny ourselves of self-indulging pleasure and superficial things that we want but do not really need. 

From the book of Edward Sri’s, Men, Women and the Mystery of Love, he shares what authentic love is,

The fullness of love is looking outward toward my beloved and seeking what is best for that person, not just what is good for me. This, in fact, is how the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines love: “To love is to will the good of another [St. Thomas Aquinas, STh I-II, 26, 4, corp. art.]” (CCC, 1766, quoting Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae, I–II, 24, 1).

2. Self-giving

When we love, we do not anymore only think of ourselves, but we think of others as well, because we already hold accountable for them. We become our “brother’s keeper”, or we become responsible to and for our spouses.

Matthew Kelly writes in his book, The Seven Levels of Intimacy: 

But in order to love, you must be free, for to love is to give your self to someone or something freely, completely, unconditionally, and without reservation. It is as if you could take the essence of your very self in your hands and give it to another person. Yet to give your self—to another person, to an endeavor, or to God—you must first possess your self. This possession of self is freedom. It is a prerequisite for love, and is attained only through discipline.    This is why so very few relationships thrive in our time. The very nature of love requires self-possession. Without self-mastery, self-control, self-dominion, we are incapable of love….    The problem is we don’t want discipline. We want someone to tell us that we can be happy without discipline. But we can’t…. The two are directly related.”

So when we aim for Heaven, we just do not aim it for ourselves, but we also have bring others with us.

3. To suffer, be free and victorious

Love is not a bed of roses without the thorns. It IS a bed of roses WITH the thorns. And because we make sacrifices, at some point we feel pain and we do suffer. But it doesn’t mean we are unhappy. 

Little do we know that after everything, victory awaits. And we gain freedom from a love that is self-giving.

As St. John Paul II says:  

Love consists of a commitment which limits one’s freedom—it is a giving of the self, and to give oneself means just that: to limit one’s freedom on behalf of another. Limitation of one’s freedom might seem to be something negative and unpleasant, but love makes it a positive, joyful and creative thing. Freedom exists for the sake of love. (135)   

Now I’d like to borrow how Edward Sri explained this further and will quote him,

So we see that freedom is given for a purpose: for the sake of love. God gave us freedom so that we could choose to live for others, not just ourselves. The purpose of freedom is not to equip us to live a selfish life, slavishly pursuing whatever pleasurable desires come our way. We have freedom so that we can choose to rise above those self-seeking passions and commit ourselves to other persons, serving them and their needs. Therefore, while the modern individualist may see self-giving love in marriage as something negative and restrictive, Christians view such limitations as liberating. 

And with that said, why else would we feel deprived or unfortunate? Why would we think less of ourselves?

We should feel honored! Because through loving, we become heroes. It may not be in the eyes of humanity, but it’s definitely heroic in the eyes of God. 

Then in the end, we will get to share all the glory and honor God prepared for us in Heaven.

What else is more rewarding than that?! Nothing, for sure! 


Open Father’s Day Letter

(For my father-in-law)  

Happy Father’s Day Pa! I’d like you to know that you are a blessing to each and everyone of us. 

I honor you for your good and loving heart. Sometimes there may be pain but it just goes to show that we are alive and we are living… What matters is now. We move on and continue to live.. We continue to love…

I honor you for your courage and bravery. You have fought many battles, there may have been victories and failures but you have surpass it all. I say it because you are here with us and you have succeeded. You are a living testimony of success.

I admire your passion and hard work and I honor you for that. The sacrifices you made have all been worth it. In God’s eyes, Pa, you deserve all good things in life.

Thank you for being a father to us, that inspires us to be great at what we do. Thank you for your laughter and smiles that is contagious. Thank you for mentoring and guiding us. Thank you for the shared stories that allows us to learn and simply spend some quality time with you. 

Thank you for your understanding towards me and to where i am coming from, your daughter-in-law. I have the utmost love, admiration, and respect for you. I’m not sure if you feel or sense or see it, but in my heart, I do. I might fail to show it but I could always try. 

You and mama have raised your children well. I see this everyday with my husband, and for that I feel blessed and thankful to you and to God. Your son, my husband, is simply the best. Again, thanks to you!

And finally, I pray for your good health. I pray that God will continue to give you that true peace and joy in your heart, because you truly deserve it. I pray that you continue to be a blessing to everyone because there lies the true happiness we all seek.

Once again, happy father’s day Pa!

I/We love you very much!

With much Love and Affection,

Jet and Jo


These are just words but every bit of it comes from the heart. 😘

Blessed with PCOS


Women with PCOS may wonder why the heck having a PCOS is a blessing. Well to be honest with you, it’s tempting to think that it’s a curse, but would it help if I just whine and rant here until the end and continue being bitter? I absolutely think not. So here’s my take why a woman should consider her PCOS a blessing.

  • PCOS is not a decease (yet), it’s a syndrome. If left unmanaged or unaddressed, it will lead to many complications to a woman’s organ system. BUT! There’s a big but there! Most cases, PCOS can be reverse ones we decide to make healthy lifestyle changes. So we shouldn’t waste time. We should decide now, and live a healthy life.
  • PCOS teaches you to be faithful. 

I have gone through this, and even up to now, my current condition teaches me to be faithful in what I know I ought to do. It’s never easy but with this strong faith, it gives me more hope. In being faithful, I also continue to persevere and persist even if I fall to the pits of laziness and discouragement many times, because I know I have to be faithful to God and to myself.

  • PCOS teaches you to be humble. 

Humbling oneself is quite a challenge. With many people giving you unsolicted advice, or just plain thoughtless comments, or even concerned hearts just wanting to share their thoughts, you cannot control what they say, and sometimes it just hurts you. I struggle with this, most of the time, but in trying to accept whatever they say and not affect me in a negative way is liberating. You just have to make peace with what is right now. And do what you gotta do to make things better.

  • PCOS teaches you to be patient. 

We have been hopeful for 8 years and up until now, we still are. Though, there are times when I get to question God’s plan for me, but what then sinks in is the fact that I also have to be patient. It takes time to see results (talking about weight loss) and God’s perfect timing may not be like ours (ex. getting pregnant).

  • PCOS teaches you to truly love yourself and others. It also gives your spouse an opportunity to show his all out love and support for you. 

Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is very important. I’m definitely not talking about being vain here. But I am a body-positive advocate, in a healthy way, of course. I’m talking about loving yourself NOW, both in and out.

As for me, I’m overweight and that’s not healthy because I am at risk of many diseases considering that I also have PCOS. And for me to show that I care for myself is to accept how I look now (not body shaming) and strive to be more healthy each day. The key is to struggle daily.

It also a blessing that my husband has openly accepted what we are now. We are still a couple and not a family yet. He understands what PCOS is and he tries his best to give support. But more significantly, he doesn’t love me less just because I cannot bear him a child. For that, I am truly blessed and thankful to God.

But then if your husband is just passive and not really that supportive, I still urge you to continue praying for you and your husband. Prayer is very powerful and it can make a difference, because it is effective.

PCOS is not the end of the story. It is just a beginning of a life that is meant to be lived with full of hope, fun, physical exercises, prayers and healthy eating.

Love and Prayers to You,



New Mindset

It’s been a year, I think. Now, I really want to get back to blogging and so eager to tell you how things are.

I just turned 31 and still have PCOS which causes my infertility. We have been married now for 8 years, though we are still hopeful.

I also thank God for my husband because he has been so supportive and understanding. We have already come to terms with our daily struggle concerning this, and I truly find it a blessing that we both understand each other now. We love each other and we are together on this ordeal.

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For that, I owe it all to God. And that is simply because it is a “daily” answered prayer. I pray for my husband because I know that it is not only I who will feel troubled, but him as well. I’m saying that it’s daily because this is a process and a journey and I’m continuously praying for it. And I’m always thankful that I am seeing the strong foundation of each detailed prayer that is being answered.

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Now, I am also struggling to go back to training and be serious about diet and fitness. Like I always say, it has been a rollercoaster ride, a very challenging one for me. But I have now finally seen my goal, and that is simply to be perfectly fit and healthy. I honestly don’t want to think about getting pregnant or what, because it’s just very pressuring already. 

I just want to focus on losing the excess weight and not getting sick often. I just want to enjoy dancing, running, jumping, climbing and all that physical activities without losing my breath that easily. I want to experience what it feels to have that strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and endurance. I just want to have that active lifestyle and enjoy the nature with my loved ones.

And I really wish everyone will understand and give support thru prayers and words of encouragment.

It’s very difficult because, I fall easily. For the first few weeks, things going really well then the next , I’m back to zero again. So it’s consistency, discipline and focus that I have work on. But like I said, it’s not that easy. My only inspiration for that is St. Josemaria’s advice to never grow weary and just start all over again no matter how many times you have to do it. Good thing, his advice is very helpful!

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Will be right back! 😊😉

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Why We Moved Our Sons Out of the Ateneo

Pilgrim Jet:

Praying for ADMU and its Administrators.
Dear Mama Mary, pray for us!

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We decided that we had given it enough time, we had tried and we had been disappointed and hurt. It took us seven years to finally decide to transfer our two boys out of my alma-mater, the Ateneo de Manila University. In 2006 when we were applying for our eldest son to enter primary school, the options were to send him to where I went as a child, the Ateneo (which is usually the case for most of my contemporaries) or to send them to the all-boys equivalent of our daughter’s school, run by PAREF (Parents for Education Foundation), a lay foundation established to strengthen the diminishing role of parents in the education of their children. Knowing how watered-down the formation was at the Ateneo I consulted a priest-friend (and Ateneo alumnus), who told me that a child’s formation in faith is not necessarily solely determined by what they are…

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“Resistance through forgiveness”

Pilgrim Jet:

I remembered that I already shared this in Facebook but this video has touched me so much that I will reblog it here for everyone else to see that there is so much HOPE for our world today. I pray that she’ll be able to influence both the young and the old of her compassion, sincerity and love for others and for God.

Originally posted on :

The videos of a ten-year-old Iraqi displaced by IS (Islamic State) and of a brother of two Egyptian labourers beheaded in Libya both voicing forgiveness for their persecutors have been watched by a million viewers and drawn the attention of mainstream Arab media which rarely covers Christian news.

Under the title “Iraqi Girl Myriam Faces ISIS with Love”, pan-Arab broadcaster Al Arabiya told how the clip of young refugee Myriam had spread via social media and was impressing ordinary viewers and media commentators.

A columnist in Lebanese newspaper Al Nahar said the SAT-7 interview with her “should be presented in Lebanese schools as a lesson in humanity”.

The massive interest in these clips shows the impact of “resisting violence through forgiveness”, said Farid Samir, Egypt director of Christian satellite channel SAT-7 which made both clips.

The clip showed Myriam saying she “will ask God to forgive IS” and singing a…

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